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Houseofdean is not a place for people who play fortnight or weeknight or some other night game… really anything which involves some stupid dance. Instead I will try to provide game servers for games which no longer have a dedicated server available here in Australia :
Games like Day of Defeat 1.3, Team Fortress Classic, Fortress Forever, HalfLife 2 DeathMatch, QuakeWorld and now Wreckfest Games which I spent many an hour playing. Games which were creating awesome LANparties before Steam came in and crushed them
…the plan is:
Book a server for a time that suits you and your mates FREE of charge and have fun and buy my book!

It’s really pretty simple!

Name: Wreckfest 20 player
Status: Online
Players: 0/20

Name: Wreckfest 24 player
Status: Online
Players: /