Upcoming Kilkivan Hotel Boxing Tent Ride Nov 17

Bike ride, fight night at the hotel, swag under the stars. Come and join me


The BLOOOOOOOG is back where the flavor of the day is blaaaaaah
The Bikes

I have heard it said 'keep your bike in good repair: motorcycle boots are not comfortable for walking.' So I have given up wearing motorcycle boots! My bikes break down more times than you can poke at stick at and say 'haha'. But I like to refer to those times not as 'breakdowns' rather 'performance improvement opportunities'. Join me on the many long and short rides around Australia to some great events and some awesome bakeries.


The Cars

'Four wheels move the body and two wheels move the soul'. But every gear head knows that if it goes broom then the unexplainable feeling comes to life. I have even found a car that makes me cry in a good way. Follow the journey as 'that car/the car' gets restored and driven again. Sprintcars, speedcars are like a drug. Once it has it hold on you there is turning your back.  Often our bike rides end up at car events.


The Books

Jim’s the sort of guy who’d likely die young then be devoured by his domestic short-haired cats. With nothing going for him, a dead-end IT job and a family who mysteriously disappeared, he is barely holding it together. His hopes of a life worth living fizzled around the last time he saw his toes over his huge belly. Now the imminent demise of the world ushers in a feeling of liberation and relief for Jim. Humanity loses all hope for the future and for once. Jim fits right in!